Star Wars Death Star Mood Light Keeps Your Dark Side At Bay

Does your temper rival Darth Vader’s? Feeling like a negative Nancy lately? You may be a pessimist, but you don’t have to be a killjoy. Lighten up your dark side with a Death Star Mood Light.This replica of the planet-destroying space station is one of the most accurate reproductions from the 1977 star wars film that has a textured surface with bumps and crevices of the automaton clearly defined. This illuminating device sits on a transparent stand and sets the mood whether you’re just aching to show off your nerdy ways or you simply must discuss your plans of galaxy domination. Powered by a 1m Micro USB, this light is both eye-catching and easy to use. Simply push the surface of this Death Star Mood Light to click the light on and off.

Move aside Darth Vader, your plans of universal domination are well underway!

PP2680SW_star_wars_death_star_moodlight_packaging_800x800-800x800Source – Paladone

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