Star Wars Death Star Chip & Dip Bowls Bring Balance To The Snacks

The Force isn’t the only entity in the galaxy with two sides. Every Yin has its Yang, its OTP other-half. A lock must have a key. A car must have a road. A Jedi must have a Sith, and every chip deserves its dip.

Celebrate the dichotomy of all things with this STAR WARS Death Star set of matching chip and dip bowls. Which should hold which? You might as well have asked Luke Skywalker to make sure he trimmed his fingernails on each hand before deciding to see the sights of Cloud City. Either of these two 8 3/4″-diameter matched bowls holds up to 64 oz. of dip and about an equivalent volume of tasty chips.

Fair warning, this fully operational, ThinkGeek original-and-exclusive snacking station can withstand the might of your dishwasher, but is not microwave save. Because, plastic.death_star_chip_bowlsdeath_star_chip_bowls_closed

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This is a baby Death Star

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