Star Wars Darth Vader Tea Set Warms Our Dark Little Heart With A Civilized Side Of The Force

Boba is the beverage of bounty-hunter scum. On the other hand, we would be honored if you would just us for a teeming refreshment served from this stately Star Wars Darth Vader Tea Set.

Even the galaxy’s most notoriously ruthless Sith Lord occasionally needs a moment. Consider us fully convinced the gruesomely reconstructed Anakin Skywalker maintains such unwavering control over the power of the Force by breaking up his barked orders and penchant for choking out incompetent subordinates with secret indulgences in hot drinks perfected for a more civilized age. After all, those heavy black gloves appear perfectly suited to insulate his hands – well, his one remaining flesh-and-blood appendage, anyway – from the excess heat radiating off his favorite mug.

Go ahead and pour the scalding water directly from a 20-ounce replica of Vader’s very own helmet. Steep your Earl Grey in one of two mugs styled after his unmistakable armor atop matching saucers also bearing the features of his chest plate. Search the matching sugar jar’s recesses as Luke Skywalker peered into his father’s heart, and you may yet find sweet goodness inside – maybe not enough to turn a tyrant from the Dark Side, but enough to flavor an afternoon spot of chamomile.

The Star Wars Darth Vader Tea Set is crafted entirely from imported ceramic materials and should never be placed directly on a stove, heated in a microwave or cleaned in a dishwasher.

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May The Flavor Be With You, Always

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