Star Wars Darth Vader Stovetop Tea Kettle Harnesses The Force Of The Stove To Heat Your Beverage

Is a plain old tea kettle too boring or too simple for you when making tea? Need something a little more menacing to heat up that water? Or maybe you are a fan of all things Star Wars and want to customize your home with what you love. In any case, this Darth Vader themed kettle is the kettle you were looking for. The brew is strong with this one.

The kettle is made of stainless steel and shaped like a silhouette of the Sith Lord’s iconic helmet. It can bring 1.7L of water to a boil faster than you can draw your lightsaber. Fortunately, you’ll have a saber handy since the handle of this tea kettle is designed to look like the red one of Darth Vader. As you lift the kettle to pour, feel free to make the vwauuu-wrrrr-vvuvuvv noises that go along with wielding such a powerful weapon.

This kettle from a galaxy far far away is an officially licensed Star Wars product, and makes a great gift for any fan or hot drink lover. It works great on all stove tops (electric/gas/etc.) and also works great for camping. If you’re tired of boiling your tea like a peasant, then this kettle is exactly the supreme ruler style kitchen gadget you need. Take control of your enemies and your morning tea and harness the power of The Force (of heat).

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