STAR WARS Collectible Ceramic Steins, The Froth Will Be With You. Always.

Hokey tropical cocktails with umbrellas and ancient, skanky canned PBR are no match for a stein of fine oatmeal stout in your fist, kids.
Whatever brew strokes your wookie, savor a quaff of a choice lager that causes AND solves all the galaxy’s problems from one of these stylish STAR WARS Collectible Ceramic Steins. Feel the Froth flow through you from these barroom tips of the cap to Boba Fett, Darth Vader or R2-D2 as you toast the many innocent lives of independent contractors needlessly murdered amidst the uncompleted second Death Star’s destruction. Terrorist rebel scum.

Each of these 9″ steins has some serious heft, tipping the scales at 2 lbs. each and holding up to 22 oz. of the beverage of your choice, from a rancor-sized hot chocolate to a beer frosty as the heart of Hoth. The head-hinged lid’s traditional pewter thumb lift tilts the top right back for your (responsible) adult indulgence.

Please be advised, these steins are neither microwave nor dishwasher-safe. Always drink responsibly. Excess leads to stupid. Stupid leads to “I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home.” Farm-boy bragging leads to flying. Flying while blotto leads to waking up next to a strange Ewok with a funny-smelling lightsaber.

Believe us, live that once, and you’ll beg for fear, hate, suffering, and the Dark Side. Star Wars Steins R2D2 1Star Wars Steins R2D2
Star Wars Steins Darth VaderStar Wars Steins Darth Vader 2Star Wars Steins Boba FettStar Wars Steins Boba Fett 2

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Drink to the force!

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