Star Wars AT-AT Book Ends Stand Tall Over Your Collection Of Stolen Imperial Blueprints

Etsy’s MokuShop is widely beloved for crafting some astonishingly ornate, handsome handmade bookends. Even among an impressive selection that honors Deadpool, Batman, the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Groot and more beloved nerdy icons, this STAR WARS AT-AT Bookend set may be one of the most lovingly detailed creations to date.

Certainly a worthy companion to the two previous Death Star bookend designs, every 24-piece AT-AT is the culmination of 1-2 weeks of production time to repurpose the imposing Imperial mech with fine engraving and meticulous hand-glued assembly. Whether ordered in regular or large sizes, the consistent high quality of each impressive made-to-order construct never fails to impress STAR WARS aficionados of every generation.

Every set of STAR WARS AT-AT Book Ends is finished with a sturdy cork-lined bottom to hold the halves solidly in place while supporting books of any size and weight. Impressive. Most impressive.

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