Star Wars Beds Bring A Far Away Galaxy Into Your Kids Rooms

Before you shop these Star Wars bedroom decor options from Rooms To Go Kids, just know this: we reserve the burning hatred of the Dark Side for any child that gets to fall asleep every night in a black X-Wing twin bookcase bed.

It’s nothing personal, we swear. Those are just our wildest childhood dreams. No big deal.

Oh, it gets better. Worse, if you’re a grown-up who feels profoundly cheated by never getting to savor furniture this cool.

The black X-Wing bookcase beds actually come in your choice of an individual twin or side-by-side twins separated down the middle by the body of a Rebel Alliance fighter itself. If your youngling doesn’t dig the style of Rogue Squadron, there’s another twin bookcase bed modeled after the Millennium Falcon that includes built-in Bluetooth speakers, audio controls, and touch lighting or the orange Landspeeder panel bed with storage nightstands inside the left and right engines.

What’s that? Your little padawan doesn’t have it sweet enough, you say? Well, just throw in a TIE Fighter desk to complete the whole shebang.

Just remember: we are extremely jealous of your child. It’s nothing personal.












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