Star Wars BB-8 Heat Change Mug Reveals A Secret Weakness: Hot Coffee Shows His Controls

Thankfully, BB-8’s creator was more clever than the average maker of nifty novelty coffee mugs. Had circumstances played out otherwise, sabotaging this brave, freewheeling astromech droid would have been about as spilling hot coffee on him and waiting for the heat to reveal his control panel. Boom. That’s one deactivated, drenched droid, dude.

Unfortunately, this Star Wars BB-8 Heat Change Mug isn’t remotely as multitalented as R2-D2’s distant descendant. In fact, his usefulness is limited to serving up comforting steamy drinks and delicious soup. Here’s the good news: this ceramic mug made in the image of Poe’s faithful friend is quite a sizable 18-ounce cup with a handy removable lid to tightly lock in warmth. Best of all, as its contents heat BB-8’s body, he shows you his carefully hidden control panel to let you know that whatever you’ve filled him with is definitely hot enough to savor.

Be careful, though. BB-8 isn’t without his weaknesses. Specifically, he’s deathly vulnerable to washing machines and microwaves.



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BB-8 Let's you know when the beverage is hot

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