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Star Wars BB-8 Beach Towel Urges All To Join The Resistance

Star Wars, it is a fictional universe that has taken over the imagination of this planet’s population. As the Force has opposing sides, those with the Jedi and those that are drawn to the Dark-Side, here on earth its almost impossible to tell the whose-who? Basically, you don’t know which Star Wars fans are for the Dark Side of the force, and who is with the resistance. But, you can make it clear to all, whose side you are on, with the BB-8 Beach Towel.

BB-8 – the cute little droid who has captured the hearts of Star Wars fans, basically inheriting the same level of fondness R2D2 enjoyed in past films, has his own beach towel. So, if you love the films, and you are on BB-8’s side of the force, then let everyone at the beach or poolside know, your with the resistance.

Star Wars BB-8 Beach Towel 2

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