Star Wars Bad Lip Reading Somehow Makes The Original Trilogy Better

Combatting the barely measurable awfulness of the STAR WARS prequels takes little real talent or creativity – most of the time. At the very least, nobody will ever exceed Red Letter Media’s hours of takedowns spanning the disastrous trilogy of THE PHANTOM MENACE, THE CLONE WARS, and REVENGE OF THE SITH for it’s-funny-because-it’s-true hilarious and thoughtful honesty.

Now, taking the piss out of the original sacred trilogy? We weren’t sure it could be any more impressive than Cinema Sins ribbing Episodes IV-VI, complete with acclaimed director, geek and Grand-Poobah fanboy Kevin Smith joining in the fun.

Along came Bad Lip Reading. OK, we’ll call it a draw. Ready your fragile midichlorians for guest riffers Jack Black, Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph as they showcase Darth Vader (Black) offering Princess Leia (Rudolph) some HD “helmet pics”. Tap your toes as a happy-go-lucky and more than a bit creepy Yoda sings a merry tune of nuisance seagulls to a very confused Luke Skywalker. You’ll only need the edge of your seat when ghost-hipster Obi-Wan Kanobi (Hader) threatens to choke Luke for not digging the vinyl listening experience.


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