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Star Trek Transporter Pad LED Coasters Plays Sounds With Every Sip

Calm down. No matter how faithfully recreated these ThinkGeek-exclusive STAR TREK Transporter Pad LED Coasters may look and sound, they will not “dematerialize” your drink. That’s between you and your liver to hash out.

Credit where it’s due, these four coasters imitate the STAR TREK: TOS devices in both light-up looks and materialization/dematerialization sounds as closely as possible. Of course, since that could get a bit old, you could always just set it to light up your beverage from beneath without the showy sound effects. The LEDs run off two CR2032 button cell batteries (not included), but the lights shut off independently after 10 seconds to c

onserve power.

Scotty, two Glenlivets, neat, to beam up.

Star-Trek-Transporter-Pad-LED-Coasters (3)

Star-Trek-Transporter-Pad-LED-Coasters (2)

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