Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug Sets Coffee To Caffeinate

Set phasers to caffeinate! Keep your senses bat’leth sharp with a healthy dose of morning coffee in this heat changing mug. Pour in your piping hot jump-start elixir and watch as the crew of the USS Enterprise vanishes from the transporter pad on one side of the mug and appear planetside on the other. As the mug cools after you’ve consumed your politeness juice Kirk and pals head back to the transporter pad. Just don’t be the red shirt and all is good.

It works with coffee, hot cocoa, hot tea with a bit of lemon and some honey, fresh homemade chicken soup, probably lava until the mug itself melts away. The point is the effect is heat activated. So don’t get disappointed the members of the bridge of the Enterprise stays put on the transporter pad when you pour yourself some cool juice in your fancy mug.

This 12oz mug is hand wash only but microwave safe. Do not soak, for Spock’s sake!



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