Star Trek TNG Uniform Toddler Tee Chooses Their Starfleet Assignment Early

Look, if an annoying little know-it-all prat like Wesley Crusher can set a toe on the bridge of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard’s USS Enterprise – and later become the de facto Overlord of Twitter – then there’s no good reason your toddler can’t don Starfleet colors before he can say, “Shut up, Wesley.”

If childhood, like the Star Trek universe, is all about the wonders of exploration, then there’s no more appropriate attire than this “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Uniform Toddler Tee. Hey, anymore, a 4K HD flat-screen TV is the next best thing to a holodeck. Sure, the kitchen may lack Whoopi Goldberg to attend to your every need, but the backyard at least allows for “Away Team” missions that don’t end with one less party member than they started out with and an empty, scorched onesie to explain to brass when they inquire about your command’s curiously high crew turnover.

Just take your pick and assign your brightest young cadet to a Sciences (Blue), Operations (Gold), or Command (Red) major. Each 100%-cotton tee comes with preprinted pips on the shoulders.

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Boldly Go Where No Toddler Has Gone Before

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