Star Trek TNG Loungers Sets Comfort Level To Maximum

Space –the final frontier is currently out of reach for most here on earth, which is why the Star Trek universe is a big hit. If you love all things related to the movie franchise, especially the older series Star Trek: The Next Generation, then you will be most thrilled when you discover there are Star Trek TNG Loungers designed to look just light Star Trek uniforms.

What kid or BIG adult who loves Star Trek wouldn’t want to dawn a Starfleet uniform, to man their own starship – their home? Much like a Star Trek starship, a home has many stations that need to be manned, and there are the different colored uniforms that correspond to the duties on the spaceship, your house. For example, dawn the red engineering star trek uniform when the main engines that run your home/spaceship need attending too, such as the washer and dryer, and the dishwasher.

The blue star trek TNG lounger is perfect for those that take care of the rest of the family, such as the cook of the house. And, for those that chart the family’s course, such as mom or dad who balances the books or the one who commands the remote control, the gold uniform is the perfect choice.

These Star Trek TNG Loungers don’t just look good; they are very comfortable as well. Perfect for lounging around your home’s holodeck, and made of 100% polyester, these come in all sizes to accommodate any crewmen, male or female.

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