Star Trek TNG Garden Gnomes Boldly Grow Where No Gardener Has Grown Before

Far be it for us to question the ingenuity or forward thinking of the Enterprise crew, but for all the time everyone spends in lush holodeck simulations and experimenting in the hydroponics lab, how is there not a single garden gnome to be found charming the Starfleet-regulation pants off even that perpetual grump Worf?

Seriously, think about it. From Riker’s sweet trombone solos to Deanna Troi’s fondness for hot chocolate and Picard’s love of a hot cup of Earl Grey, this starship traversing the infinite expanse of space offers a plentitude of Earth’s most quaint comforts. If there’s to be a garden, wouldn’t these exclusive ThinkGeek-original “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Garden Gnomes look right at home? We’re pretty sure the United Federation of Planets wouldn’t frown too harshly upon topping off the regulation uniform with a whimsical pointy hat.

Fortunately, your own greenery now has a set of five portly interstellar avatars to watch over your peas and carrots: a commanding and stately Picard, Riker with a beard somehow even more enviable than Jonathan Frakes’ original scruff, an adorable-yet-stoic Data, sweet-but-deadly Worf, and even a diminutive, assimilated Borg gnome.



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