Star Trek Plush Tricorder & Phaser Pillows Take You On A Cushy Mission

Bed. The Final Frontier. These are the naps of Starship Sleepytime…

There’s an irresistible intersection where geeky nostalgic kitsch meets charmingly adorable. If you have a bona fide classic Trekkie on your holiday list with a penchant for plush, then give a gift this season that honors the iconic doo-dads of STAR TREK: TOS.

Admit it: these oversized 100% STAR TREK Tricorder and Phaser Pillows are the perfect cutesy comforts for your bridge’s Ready Room. Best of all, they are a humane but effective solution for needing to smack that one friend who will not concede that James T. Kirk whoops Jean-Luc Picard’s bald-headed candy ass 99 times out of 100.

“NOPE! No signs of intelligent life here, Captain.”

Star Trek Tricorder Pillow (1)Star Trek Phaser Pillow (2)Star Trek Phaser Pillow (3)Star Trek The Original Series Pillows 2Star Trek Phaser PillowsStar Trek The Original Series Pillows 2

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Set your phaser to COMFORTABLE

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