Star Trek Planetary Glassware Let’s You Explore Strange New Drinks In The Ultimate Glass Vessel

We all eventually tell the generations that come after us, “Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.” Here’s one time we will gladly rescind that advice: this Star Trek Planetary Glassware set combines the joy of drinking with learning about other solar systems in a style no elementary science classroom will ever equal.

That’s mostly because we hadn’t yet fallen in love with vodka in the fourth grade. We never knew what our orange juice was missing. Sixth grade, though? Still a hazy blur.

Paint all the styrofoam balls you want and hang them from all the wire hangers on Earth. Nothing compares to being able to stare down at our beverage and appreciate the recreation of a planet’s atmosphere from the perspective of the vacuum that is The Final Frontier. For the purpose of these rather attractive glasses, we can look with awe upon such M-class planets as the United Federation of Planets capital planet Earth, the Vulcan homeworld, the Romulan home planet and Romulan Star Empire capital planet of Romulus, the Klingon homeworld of Qo’nos, and even a shot glass designed to raise a Borg Cube itself as a toast to the Collective.

There is no bad time for a sci-fi astronomy lesson, but few better than when we’re either already loaded at 2 a.m. or easing into Sunday morning with a Bloody Mary.

These three exclusive ThinkGeek-original 10 oz. glasses and 1.5 oz. Borg Cube shot glass are neither stained nor blown glass. Their gorgeous designs are the products of a specialized high-temperature heat wrap. Consequently, Star Trek Planetary Glassware is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

star-trek-planetary-glassware-set-1 star-trek-planetary-glassware-set-2 star-trek-planetary-glassware-set-3

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Boldly Goes Where No Drinkware Has Gone Before

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