Star Trek LCARS Coasters Make Drink Placement So Obvious, A Blind Starfleet Engineer Could Find It

Every time we watch “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” we like to think Geordi La Forge’s visor gives him enough awareness of his environment to not set down a frosty beverage atop the Enterprise’s LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) operating system display. With that in mind, we would like to congratulate every party guest whose sweaty Bud Light cans have left our mahogany coffee table with a bigger ring collection than Michael Jordan. A blind man is more careful with his beverages than you.

If you feel our pain, then join us in testing whether these Star Trek LCARS Coasters can save your furniture by encouraging guests to set their drinks atop anything that resembles an obscenely expensive electronic gadget. These two clear acrylic coasters each bear a full-cover LCARS graphic screenshot resembling Geordi’s station in Engineering. Should these somehow fail to clearly mark exactly where drinks belong, you could always make matters more obvious by replicating the colored, backlit Plexiglas panels from the set of TNG.

Be warned, however: if you opt for the latter, we’re moving in with you.

Star Trek LCARS Coasters (2)

Star Trek LCARS Coasters (3)

Star Trek LCARS Coasters (1)

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