Star Trek Garden Gnomes Give Lawn Ornaments a 23rd Century Makeover

Everyone loves great summer picnics and parties, but if your lawn is seriously dying of boredom you may want to explore some options. ThinkGeek is serving some Trekkie inspiration in their lawn gnome collection. Besides, who needs a game of gnomes when your garden can boldly go where no gnome has gone before?

Each of these 9 inch tall polyresin garden gnomes are garbed in Trekkie fashion and have fun captions on the bottom. Choose from Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, or an unfortunate redshirt gnome who joined Starfleet because they said it’d be fun…Yeh, until he got phasered!

Whether you simply want to live long and prosper or are seeking out your revenge on Khan, take your lawn to strange, new worlds with a 23rd-century edge.

Star Trek Garden Gnomes 3 Star Trek Garden Gnomes 2 Star Trek Garden Gnomes 1

Source – ThinkGeek

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