Star Trek Enterprise Drone Rings In 50th Anniversary Right

For we nerds enjoying our early and mid-thirties, 2016’s 50th anniversary commemoration of the original “Star Trek” is something incredibly special.

The original series is just a few years younger than “Doctor Who”, but those of us who grew up here in the United States cut our young teeth on syndicated classic episodes with Captain James T. Kirk and his crew alongside both new and eventually syndicated installments of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. We’ve even experienced the surreal passing of the torch that was first the latter movies starring the original cast and eventually “Star Trek: Generations”, the final cinematic bow for William Shatner as Kirk by way of an encounter with Patrick Stewart’s celebrated “TNG” captain, Jean-Luc Picard.

As kids, the fantasties ran deep. A child’s imagination can turn an empty minivan into the U.S.S. Enterprise quick as we could blink. Figuring out that the pedal on the far right engages the “warp drive” turned our garage door into kindling and got us grounded for three months just as fast.

Well, with age comes wisdom, not to mention much safer toys. To mark this momentous occasion, Spin Master’s beloved quadcopter drone has received a Starfleet makeover including the Kirk-era Enterprise NCC-1701-A’s signature saucer housing the four spinning rotors in a see-through casing and nacelles with ten genuine sound effects and working lighting.

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until sometime later this year for the Spin Master Enterprise Drone ship to be released..JUST in time for the HOLIDAYS!

Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone (3)Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone (4)Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone (2)

Source – Gizmodo

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