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Star Trek Enterprise Blueprint Shower Curtain Completes Your Bridge

Exfoliate Your Nacelles

Don’t lie, you know you’ve conjured some of your very best ideas in the bathroom. This officially licensed STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Enterprise Blueprint Shower Curtain may just inspire you to engineer the world’s first working impulse engine. Hopefully, your first morning cup of coffee will inspire you not to test your prototype by strapping it to your Toyota Prius.

Hey, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time science fiction proved not to be that far removed from the eventual reality. The dawn of man’s next leap forward further into the cosmos may be waiting to be born in a flurry of body-wash suds. In the meantime, while you scrub up, take in the elaborate and detail-faithful schematic of the Galaxy-class NCC-1701-D in all its massive, graceful glory while you give yourself soapy Vulcan ears.

Don’t lie. You’ve done it. Take in the dorsal phaser array, deflectors and engines while the blueprint acts as one big deflector shield keeping your bathroom unharmed by your bathing’s watery assault. Includes one shower curtain and 12 hanging hooks.

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Engage To Getting Clean

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