Star Trek Duvet Covers Engage Epic-Nap Drive At Snooze Factor 9

“Bed. The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the sleep-aid Ambien. Its five-hour mission: to explore trippy new dreams, to seek out new positions and the cool side of the pillow, to boldly snooze like no man has napped before.”

To your average adult, a bed is little more than a big, comfy place to idly doze off until the sun comes up or occasionally indulge in a little appropriately sweaty, steamy humpity-bumpity.

To average nerds like us, though? We will love you to the ends of the galaxy if you drape that bunk in a “Star Trek” Duvet Cover styled after the Borg cube, LCARS, the Starfleet insignia, or even the Enterprise schematic itself. We spend all day desperately seeking an escape from real-world drudgery we just don’t aren’t sure we even want to understand. To us, our beds are places where we can close our eyes and flee to any number of fantastic new worlds. Add a 12-hour YouTube video continuously playing the gentle hum of the Enterprise engines or warp core to one of these cozy, geeky duvets, and we might as well be catching what shut-eye we can en route to a fateful encounter at Farpoint or to cross into the Romulan Neutral Zone along with three Klingon warships to investigate rumors of a secretly planned assault on the Federation.

Any good day to die is almost guaranteed to be an even better day to sleep.

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To boldly sleep where no one has slept before

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