Star Trek Borg Cube Glowing Chair Will Assimilate And Illuminate

Only the Borg could so efficiently engineer an accouterment so simple and versatile as the STAR TREK Borg Cube Glowing Chair. That’s why we sincerely hope ThinkGeek paid them well, lst someone should discover the hard way that the collective shares a surprisingly astutely formed concept of “ripped right the hell off”. Along with strikes and unionization, we feel safe assuming they regard collective bargaining as quite futile compared to just converting management into more Borg.

Then again, maybe that explains while this ThinkGeek-exclusive original creation not only comfortably seats up to 190 pounds atop it while doubling as an equally convenient stool, but functions as a 16-color mood light with Strobe, Flash and Fade settings and an internal battery.

Should any member of the Collective begin feeling a surge of discontent while at work, we like to hope some smooth-talking foreman could convince them it’s a “mood” light not in the sense of conveying some soothing ambiance, but that of letting the light reflect the Collective drone’s mindset.

“So, uh, yeah 42 of 57. If you see the ‘mood light’ activate, we figure you have about five seconds to secure that noise before the hive mind blue-screens you. Catch my drift, Metallo?”

The STAR TREK Borg Cube Glowing Chair also includes a 6′ AC power cord and provides up to eight hours of unplugged soft illumination from a single full 3-4 hour charge of the lithium ion battery. Also comes with a handy remote control


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