Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Ensures the Series Will Live Long and Prosper

We’ve all grown up with one of the reincarnations of the ever-popular Star Trek franchise, whether it’s been the original, TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, or Enterprise. While you may be hoping for another installment on your TV screen, it doesn’t look like that’s very likely per Jonathan Frakes, at least until the movie franchise settles down for a while.

In the meantime, don’t feel bummed. There’s plenty of memorabilia and fond memories to reignite your passion for Starfleet’s brightest and bravest. The Wand Company will soon be releasing their Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth handset at San Diego Comic-Con this week.

While you won’t get a one-on-one with Captain Kirk, you gotta admit, he’d be pretty impressed with your awesome Trekkie gadget.

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Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Handset

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