Star Trek Beam Me Up Heat Change Mug Gives You All She’s Got When You Need More Java

We don’t necessarily share Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s optimism for the positive potential for food replication technology. Sure, maybe a shipboard VI could accurately concoct anyone’s preferred cuppa on demand, provided it’s tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

We can’t ignore the hunch it was instead Douglas Adams who hit it one the nose when he supposed a computer couldn’t do much better than “something almost, but not quite entirely unlike tea.” We may one day laugh at the speed of light and molecularly disassemble and reassemble solid matter and living things between Point A and Point B, but that’s razor-sharp science. The perfect hot drink is a work of soothing art.

If we can’t advance computer science to the point of mastering caffeinated molecular alchemy, we can at least find satisfaction in temperature-activated mugs that add a little extra panache to our drinking mornings. Add 20 ounces of the piping hot beverage of your choice to this Star Trek Beam Me Up Heat Change Ceramic Travel Mug and marvel at the Command insignia that fades into view on one side and Captain James T. Kirk materializing atop an empty transporter pad with the classic (oft-misquoted) order “Beam me up, Scotty” printed beneath it on the other. With a lid that slides open and closed for easy sipping and minimal spills, it’s the travel accessory no captain should be without.

Be advised, even the miracle of heat-activated drinkware has its upper limits. The Star Trek Beam Me Up Heat Change Ceramic Travel Mug is neither dishwasher-safe nor made for microwaves.

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