Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Leaves Its Audiences Starstruck

There’s more than just a world out there. There’s a friggin’ universe to see! If you hate telescopes or you just can’t get far enough away from your blinding city night lights, Uncle Milton is bringing the whole shebang to your house for a home theater experience you won’t soon forget.

The is an optical star planetarium that you can enjoy from your own living or bedroom. Simply turn out those lights and stare in wonder at the marvel of this gigantic universe and all its mysteries we’ve yet to discover.

This device has two hi-res image discs that’ll give you a view of the star-covered sky or Earth, Moon, and Sun discs. You can even set the speed at which the image rotates for a more authentic feel.If you just need a little show before you go to bed or you simply need a new form of entertainment, this contraption will leave you starstruck.

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