Squid Blunt The Size Of Squidworth Is Here. Munchies Wipe Out Crabby Patties.

Help! My Blunt Has Turned Into a Squid!

If you were to smoke enough weed, you might be surprised to find that your blunt had morphed into a squid right before your very eyes… Probably designed by a Spongebob fan, this is the king of all animal shaped blunts giving munchies powerful enough to wipe out the entire crabby patty inventory bringing Mr Krabs in the money.

Stay calm though, there’s a good chance that what’s actually happening is that you were smoking one of these blunts from Instagram user Valleyrec420 designed to look like a squid. They also make blunts shaped like guns. Now, if the blunt should suddenly start singing or counselling you then you definitely are just as high as a kite.

Who knew that stuffing empty cigars with cannabis could be so artistic?

Squid Blunt

Squid Blunt High

Smokin A Squid Blunt

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