Spyker C8 Preliator Is Like Flying Without Wings

There are classic sports cars, both new and old, which evokes a ‘sense of occasion’ within the viewer, such as a thrill or moment of lustful awe that has caused a whole genre of styles. The Spyker C8 is definitely a contemporary design that epitomizes that definition.

This fine automobile is a piece of… art, because it sports unrivaled craftsmanship that is rare to find in any car made today, or ever, for that matter. Basically, it is unique in a plethora of ways, especially when considering the interior design that was inspired by the look and feel of American aviation heritage.

Looks aside, the C8 is a demon roadster with a V8 engine, rear drive and 525 BHP. There is far too much to review about this stunning vehicle to appreciate here, but if you want to feel like your flying without wings, then this is the road jet for you.

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Whoa! It's a road jet! The dashboard is like a jet fighter cockpit

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