Spy Clock Camera Review – Captures Secret Video Like 007

This spy clock is awesome for private eye wannabes and people who have a suspicion that something is going on. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or James Bond to use this spy camera you’re sure to love this alarm clock! See, it looks like a regular alarm clock… and it is. But it holds a secret that only you will know. Scroll for details…..

You see, the clock is also home to a super tiny spy camera.

Just like the spy pen cam review we did in an earlier post, this will let you keep any eyes on your belongings and the room in general when you’re not around. Perhaps something is happening while you are away or if you legitimately have suspicions about someone screwing around with your stuff  or on you, and you need to get to the truth. Maybe your place is being vandalized. You just need answers for peace of mind. This solves that worry.

Easy To Use and Get Answers Quickly

The clock is a nice looking in general without any telltale signs of there being a hidden camera inside,  and makes it very easy to get footage. You just have to plug the USB cable into your PC (which is handy because both will be on your desk). It also comes with a Micro SD card that you can remove and insert into your PC and that gives you 4GB of space. So you could technically record days of video on motion detection.

Records Video upon Motion Detection

Battery life is up to 12 hours of continuous recording time and like all the best surveillance devices it also features a motion sensor so you won’t waste footage on an empty room, however there are other models that have much longer battery life

Footage is recorded at a decent resolution using a 2 megapixel camera that also has a time/date stamp so that you have pinpoint information in case you need to show the footage as evidence to law enforcement or a lawyer.


8 Total Score
Great Product. Easy to Use and Does The Job

Ease of Use
Battery Life
Quality of Video
Editor Recommended. Overall Great Buy.
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