Spreadable Beer Takes Your Taste Buds On A Wild Ride For Breakfast

“Honesty is the best policy” – everyone says, and that is why this spreadable beer marmalade is heaven-sent for beer lovers. That’s right, beer marmalade, have you had a rough day, need to relax and unwind? Have a few marmalade sandwiches, kick-back and watch your favorite game on the ‘telly’ with this Scottish brewer’s delightful beer edible.

If someone asks you, have you been drinking? You can look them straight in the eyes, with complete honesty, and say, “No, I haven’t” with a smile on your face, because Innis & Gunn – a master brewer, created Marm & Ale, the world’s first beer marmalade. It is a brilliant idea that many will come to appreciate and enjoy.

It is a new product and was showcased during the opening of the company’s second Scottish Beer Kitchen, Scotland. The company has many adventurous plans to create other beer edible foods like spreadable beer, it’s only a matter of time, your drinking days could be over?
Beer Marmalade 1

Source – HeraldScotland

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