Spread That Warming Butter Knife Uses Body Heat For Easier Cutting

Some things in life are as easy as a hot knife cutting through butter, literally, a heat conducting knife through butter. If you love butter as much as everyone else, then you can appreciate when it is at room temperature, and the ease of which you can use a cold knife to spread it on bread.

Because butter is kept in the fridge, it is in a solid state when people want to use it, this makes it difficult to spread with an unheated knife. This heat conducting blade effectively removes that uncomfortable waiting time when butter is still in a cold, solid state to the time it begins to loosen in room temperature, making it easy to cut and spread.

If you like spreading butter on your waffles, pancakes and bread, but you don’t want to wrestle with a cold butter bar, or wait 10-15 for it to thaw, then you need this heat conducting butter knife. Oh, and it doesn’t just saw through cold butter bars, it also slices its way through cream cheese, cold coconut oil and even through ice.

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