Spray Paint Nail Polish Gives An Amazing Manicure In 20 Seconds

An Amazing Manicure In 20 Seconds? Thank You, Spray Paint Nail Polish

We can’t help but think that Nails Inc.’s Spray Paint Nail Polish could usher in new expectations for personal beauty.

This specially formulated product is actually far less messy than it may look. The spray-on polish adheres to nails without staining skin after a 20-second application and a little patient drying. Afterward, wash your hands with ordinary soap and water to rinse away the excess from your hands and leave behind a fresh coat on your nails.

If you’d like to get in just one or two more manicures the old-fashioned way, you’ve got time. Pain Can hits shelves Nov. 12 at an $11-per-can retail price. It may not do for when only some precision care will suffice, but we have to admit, it isn’t a half-bad time-saver for daily touch-ups.

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