Spider Interactive Putter Analyzes Your Stroke To Help You Learn To Putt Like A Pro

In today’s era of technology being integrated into everything from bookbags to toothbrushes, golf has had it coming for a while. In a sport that focuses on the tiniest details of swing mechanics, having a digital helper is invaluable. The Spider Interactive putter powered by BLAST motion tracking technology brings golf and your game into the 21st century.

Housed inside the handle of the TaylorMade® Spider Interactive putter is the key to upping your game. Even without the technology inside, the Spider is a putter used and trusted by the pros and can be found on the Tour, but with the tech it is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Since this post is mostly interested in the tech portion, we’ll stick to details on that. About the size of a bottle cap on the top of the handle is the BLAST sensor that makes it all possible. It tracks 11 different mechanics of your swing in real time and saves the data for you to review at the end of your practice. When it’s time to take your putter to a tournament, the cap is replaced with a yellow dummy cap to make it legal. In the meantime, the white BLAST sensor is charged on a wireless charging pad (included). The putter comes out of the box with a putter head-cover, a bag for the charging pad, and a putter insert to help make a smoother roll.

Once the data from your swing is collected, it is sent to the Spider Interactive app for analysis. There you will find graphs, charts, and numbers that let you know how your swing is. The tutorial shows you how to use the app and what all of the data means. It gives you personalized tips and drills to help improve your putting so that you have goals to work towards. Just watch as your results get better over time as the BLAST sensor continues to analyze your swing. Whether you’re a beginner just getting into the sport or a pro looking to take your game to the next level, the Spider Interactive is the way to go.


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