Sperm Testing At Home With Your Smartphone & An App May Help Improve Fertility

For couples who have tried pregnacy tests, ovulation predictor kits and/or a sperm test kit that only tests the sperm count, with no success, don’t lose hope because YO Sperm Test can help you achieve your dreams of conceiving a child.

This is the first FDA-approved test that allows men to use an app to get precise results of not only their sperm count, but it also checks the motility of sperm. This is done by using an app, along with a mini-microscope that simply clicks onto your smartphone, you can actually see how fast your sperm is moving, as well as the motile sperm concentration count.

Test results are 99% accurate and the information can help couples to plan their conception efforts with their physician.

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Check your swimmers with YO the first FDA cleared Smartphone based solution for testing your motile sperm.

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