Space Jet Will Make London To New York In 2 Hours With One Killer View

The world just got a lot smaller with the creation of this planed sub-orbital vehicle because it will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes traveling from one place to another. Unlike traditional aircraft, this new design looks more like a flying wing than an airplane.

But, like modern aircraft, this future flying machine will also have state-of-the-art amenities, such as theater-like cabins that have their own baggage area and galley. The designer, Juan Garcia Manislla’s concept supersonic jet, called The Paradoxal, will travel at supersonic speeds, which will greatly reduce the time it takes to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

The Paradoxal’s Rotary Ramjet engine can propel it to 200,000 feet and will achieve Mach 3 speed, which is nothing less than an amazing feat for a civilian aircraft. Breathtaking views of the earth await those who are first to catch a ride to sub-orbit altitudes, along with brief periods of weightlessness.

With all that said, let your imagination soar with the thought of future air/space travel.

Source – Paradoxal

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