Space Invaders Alien Cushion Scores High

Ever since some of us were kids, our first video game memories are filled with marching of aliens coming down to crush our heads, faster, and faster and faster. This game is called Space Invaders. We played this game so much, that when we tried to put our head down at night, we could honestly see those Space Aliens in our dreams.

Now, finally, we can sleep tight knowing our head is smashing down on our own personal 8-bit space invader cushion that can be used on our couch or bed after a nostalgic 4 hour gaming marathon. The alien cushion measures 17.75″ x 13″ x 4″ and retails for $29.99. The only negative thing is it only comes in pink. For now.

Source –  Technabob


Space Invaders Alien Crab 3D cushion

Space Invaders Alien Crab 3D cushion from ThinkGeek





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