South Korean Scientist To Clone 12,000-Year-Old Cave Lion Back To Life

What would happen if you mixed a Komodo Dragon with a Raptor dinosaur, or and extinct 12,000 year old cave lion and a modern-day lion? No one knows, but the world may actually soon find out!

Some South Korean scientist has got this ‘great’ idea to do just that – use samples of muscle and skin from the remains of the extinct animal to clone the species back to life?

Is that a good idea? Many people who have watched the block buster movie trilogy, ‘Jurassic Park’ may not think so. Anyways, who cares what the public thinks? South Korea’s leading cloning ‘expert’, Hwang Woo-Suk, and his team are going to do it anyway, with the support of the scientific community… what could possibly go wrong?

Source – Siberian Times

via Digital Trends

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Has any of these scientists seen Jurassic Park? This can't end up well.

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