Sony Xperia Ear Personal Assistant Lets You Make Secret Head Gestures To Control Your World

Do you have a busy schedule? Could you use the help of a personal assistant, but not the hassles that come with trying to explain to others what you are doing, and why? Oh, then you need the Xerpia Ear, it’s a personal assistant that does what you want, when you need, and you don’t have to explain yourself, or your life choices to anyone.

Now, managing your time is easy because you have an assistant always with you, in your ear. Sounds strange, but it’s true, with the power of voice recognition, similar to Cortana used in Windows 10, you can now talk to your mobile smartphone and mobile devices.

If you want or need to send a message to a friend, you just say what you want, and then command your new assistant to send it. That easy. Make schedules on your calendar, and never have to pull you smartphone or mobile device out of your pocket or purse.

It is also ‘gesture’ sensitive, if it is not in your ear, it knows it, and, if left in its case, it will charge itself. You can even program it to respond when you nod your head, its pretty amazing, and very helpful, for those who don’t mind talking into their ear.






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