Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth Speaker Is A Portable, Powerful Party Enhancing Machine

Everyone knows that having a great speaker can make or break your party. We all know too that the awesome sound of a festival is so much better than even a good speaker. Until now. A new speaker from tech giant Sony will have you swooning over every feature you could ever want. Maybe even a few you didn’t know you needed. Here we go:

The Sony SRS-XB41 is a Bluetooth speaker. Yeah, you knew that because they all are these days. But, that’s about where comparisons to others speakers run out.

This one is jam packed with countless others. For starters, it is angled so that the sound waves flow out into a wider area, making for an awesome 3-D festival-like experience. Extra Bass™ enhances every beat and bump of your music to help bring your party to the next level. Want some lights to dance along with you and your friends? The speaker has those too! Rainbow colored line lights, flashing speaker lights, and two strobes make a dazzling show. The 24 hour battery life from a single charge means your speaker will last longer than you do. Oh, did we mention it’s pretty much everything proof? Yep, water, dust, rust and shockproof. You can take this speaker just about anywhere without worries of it being damaged. High-quality components and reinforced sides make it durable and hardy. On top of it all (literally) is a full set of controls that allow you to control your music and your party.

Finally, you can sync up to 100 Sony SRS-XB41 speakers for a truly stunning and loud party. It charges via USB and connects to your phone with Bluetooth and NFC. You’ll love the features and sound quality packed into this portable and life-proof speaker.

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