Sony FES E-Paper Watch Lets You Change Style On The Fly

With all due respect to the ambitious rival innovators of Apple and Samsung, Sony’s electronic paper watch proves that smartwatches may be trying a bit too hard.

Truth be told, we’re just not that hard to impress. For example, we’re absolutely taken with the minimalistic form-and-function approach to a simple timepiece with an instantly customizable band and dial face that can shift its black-and-white patterns any of 24 unique ways whenever we choose. More apps? OK. Sony promises even more modification variants to come, and we just can’t wait.

Less is more, guys. The flexible material is immensely comfortable and displaying and altering the handsome, austere patterns demand very little power. Battery life is further conserved by displaying the analog time only when intended and otherwise remaining turned off. Why keep it lit up when anyone really only checks the time sporadically in the first place?

Does anyone really need an app for that?

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