Sony Cube Portable Wireless Speaker Packs Power In Tiny Box

Sony is always up to something; the company never ceases to produce new and relevant products for the sight and sound of its customers. Because people are always on the go now-a-days, Sony created a handy, wireless speaker box you can hold in your palm. With Bluetooth control, you can listen to your favorite music for 12 hour on its long-lasting battery, or indefinitely plugged into a USB port.

Sony’s compact cube – the Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth®, is not to be discredited so fast as just another wireless mobile speaker. It has some serious sounds, backed by Sony speakers, it fits perfect next to your laptop or desktop computer. Configure two Sony cube speakers together to get amazing surround sound with full deep bass; it really is more bass with less space. People usually think the bass is coming from much larger speakers.

Connect and control the sounds of the Sony cube with any mobile device or PC computer, it’s very easy to operate, and has assorted colors to choose from that will match any laptop skin.

Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-2
Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-8

Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-11Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-9Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-5
Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-4Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-6
Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-13
Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-12Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-10Sony SRS-X11-Portable-Wireless-Speaker-7

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Big Bass with Surround Sound

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