Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Tongs Makes You The Doctor Of The Grill Universe

Do you dream of intergalactic domination? Having trouble accepting this timeline? Not everyone can have a quirky nerd swagger like the Doctor, but you’ll be serving up some attitude while you flip some burgers this summer with Sonic Screwdriver Barbecue Tongs.

While this device may not burn through objects, pick locks, or conduct medical scans, this kitchen tool looks just like the handy multi-functional tool the Doctor uses. That is, until you open this device up and metal tongs come out for some grill time. The handle of this device is heatproof, has a storage case molded to look like the 11th and 12th Doctor’s tool and gives sound effects so you can mimic the Sonic Screwdriver in style as you feed the hungry masses.

Though you may not be as dangerous as the Doctor, you’ll be batting away foreign invaders and neighbors with this nifty tool coming later this year from Underground Toys.

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