Sonder E-Ink Customizable Keyboard Claims Infinite Possibilities & Delivers

Computers run the world, billions of people use them everyday for employment, accounting, school research, bookkeeping and gaming, just to mention a few of the nearly infinite reasons. While most folks are concerned about the memory card, the processor and the amount of ram a computer has, it is surprising how few actually consider the type of keyboard it comes with.

Most of the keyboards that come with new computers are as basic as they can be, they do get the job done, that’s about it. It’s true, most keyboards today are designed with aesthetics in mind, not so much attention is placed on their ability to help the computer user, until now!

Introducing the keyboard that ‘does it all’, the Sonder Keyboard. That’s a healthy claim, what exactly does it ‘do’ differently than any other keyboard? Well, basically, whatever you need it to ‘do’, its customizable. You can change individual key icons to display what the key does, which is a ‘BIG’ help when gaming. It uses Bluetooth, so you can move it around anyway you want to get comfortable, and not worry about a cord getting in the way.

And, when its batter runs low, just plug in the USB cord to recharge it, and you’re ‘good-to-go’. There are infinite possibilities how you can configure this keyboard, you really need to check out the specs yourself. Is it worth a look? If you want to make your life easier, setting up macros for keys to save yourself time, then, yeah, it’s worth it.


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One keyboard becomes infinite!

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