Solu Collaborative Cloud Computing Changes Computers For The Better

Currently Kickstarter-funded to the tune of $221k pledged by 551  backers toward its $227,812 goal with 8 days remaining as of Nov 5th, Solu is a computing concept like none other imagined before: subscription-based cloud computing that functions anywhere online or off from one powerful pocket-sized and self-sufficient wooden hard drive.

Oh, and it’s compatible plugged into absolutely any screen, from a desktop a smartphone or tablet up to a desktop monitor or even a television.

Developed in Finland, Solu’s cloud-linked operating system reportedly makes concepts of manual maintenance, installation and backup utilities obsolete thanks to a multi-GB local storage cache that independently backs up, stores and catalogs of all data entrusted to it, from settings to individual files.

The result is a new collaborative paradigm, thanks to an operating system designed to provide and support real-time access to one another’s work without a thought to sharing filing, syncing available applications, installations and other hassles.

In addition, users can now use natural gestures to open applications and files and transition between functions, thanks to Solu’s organic zoom interface. More separation. Less clutter. Simple organization. The Solu’s screen shifts to a touchpad interface with direct controls as soon as you hook the Solu up to any external screen.

All for one small, fixed monthly fee without in-app purchases or intrusive advertisements. Developers receive shares of monthly fees as compensation for the success of their apps.


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