Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Brings Family Together Over An Amazing Inferno

The ‘great outdoors’, not many people living in cities their whole lives get to experience camping and backpacking, that is why hiking is becoming a very popular activity because of the innate desire of people to explore their natural environment.

One company – Solo Stove, has developed a simple and very efficient portable stove that is easy to carry, and is engineered to maximize fire burning by creating a stove that funnels excess heat from rising hot air back into the base of the fire. This actually fuels the fire, causing it to burn with less smoke and burns hotter.

Made of high-grade stainless steel, Solo Stoves come with a lifetime guarantee, and are a perfect cooking tool for both serious survivalists and those new to camping. While the company started off with a successful stove model, they have since upgraded and now offer a Bonfire sized unit that works just as well as the small Solo stove.

They just upped their game with a kickstarter campaign to take their engineering marvel much, much bigger. They call it the Solo Stove Bonfire. Made of the same 304 stainless steel, the bonfire is durable as it is beautiful. While the bonfire is not meant for cooking as it’s predecessors, you could easily use it for marshmallows and hotdogs… the staple of any good camping trip.

Just throw in some logs and prepare to burn baby, burn!









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