Sobro Smart Coffee Table Has Built In Fridge, USB, Bluetooth & Awesome Lights

With all the technological advances happening today, there are countless gadgets that make life easier for people, such as improving the way people communicate and interact with one another, apps for smartphones and tablets that can do just about anything.

However, putting together existing, simple technology in a way that helps people to be more comfortable and accommodated in their homes, to meet basic needs, has been, frankly, lacking, until now.

Meet your new best friend, Sobro – its a cooler coffee table, an innovative idea that is long overdue. Basically, it is a genius idea that transforms furniture into a multitask station for everything a modern couch-potato could ever need!

This smart coffee table is designed to support a modern lifestyle, to make relaxing at home a little more than just comfortable. With a refrigerated drawer, USB charging ports, high-quality Bluetooth speakers, and LED lights to set the “mood”, if needed.

In fact, everything you need is right here, you don’t have to get off your … couch, again, to get a cold drink or something to eat from your kitchen ever again.

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Redefines the modern couch potato

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