Snowball Blaster Pro Shoots Snowballs 80 Feet To Win The Winter War

Just know this: we didn’t start this wintertime war with the neighbor kids. We will make cock-sure the Snowball Blaster Pro finishes it.

If Stark Industries suddenly shifted its business model toward ensuring their customers’ unquestioned domination in every snowball fight from now until Judgment Day, this is what their new flagship product would look like. Much the way firearms in the first MASS EFFECT produced their own ammunition by simply shaving chunks off metal blocks and launching them at deadly velocity, this cannon makes its own snowballs. It then expells them up to 80 feet in single shots or rapid-fire assaults.

Just close the forming chamber’s lid after filling it with snow. The Snowball Blaster Pro then molds three immaculate snowy spheres for you to place, one at a time, into the muzzle. Take aim and let fly for the slingshot mechanism to give your ammo range proportionate to the force you put behind it. With elastomers powering this equalizer instead of batteries or motors, it stays in the fight as long as you do.


Snowball Blaster
Snowball Blaster
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