Snow Scooter Is A Year-Round Downhill Thrill Ride On Grass or Snow

Take a ride on one of the world’s most versatile scooters. The Freshie Fold & Stow Snow Scooter guarantees your downhill thrills won’t cut off sharply when the snow thaws into puddles and slush.

Described more accurately, the Freshie doesn’t exactly cut through the powder like a hut knife through butter. Not quite. Its ridged bottom carves flat terrain and hills alike much like a surfboard “floating” atop a choice wave as you push with one foot and ride the board with the other. The nonskid surface rides easily as you steer and balance using the durable folding handle.

Hit sand dunes, grassy hills or snow with equal ease any time of year. When you do finally put your Freshie away, it’s a simple stow. The board folds, transports and stores easily just about anywhere. It’s an ideal Christmas gift for any downhill racer ages 4 and up.


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