SnooZzoo Animal Sleeping Bags Combine Cosplay & Sleeping For The Entire Familiy

Plenty of kids go through this imaginative phase wherein being best-friends with stuffed animals, reading every wildlife book ever printed, and living for exhaustive treks to zoos just won’t cut it. The fantasize about actually being animals and always seem balanced one can of Mountain Dew from being Ralph Wiggum off in the corner playing “Wiggle Puppy.”

Hell, every adult here is one bad day away from that.

Around this same time, kids start joining sleepovers that seem to require supply lists more extensive than provisions for a trek into the Yukon. Parents have to throw together sleeping bags, pillows, toothbrushes, toys, snacks, a change of clothes, and pajamas just to get the crumb-snatcher out the door. SnooZzoo manages to satisfy a child’s wonderment for wildlife cosplay, combine cozy sleeping with simplified slumber-party travel, and even help out humanity’s animal neighbors all the while.

This all-in-one travel bag in the shape of a brown bear, panda, hippo, lion, monkey, or polar bear is the very first to combine a sleeping bag and built-in pillow with a travel case and backpack. After emptying its contents, kids can open the velcro paws, slip their limbs inside the animal’s arms and legs, and nestle into the comfort of its plush interior for a sound night’s sleep with SnooZzoo’s head as a pillow.

When used as a backpack, necessities can organize conveniently into the “food source” travel pouch sewn into each animal’s tummy. Every animal’s pouch is even tailored to its favorite snacks, such as bananas for the monkey, fish to feed the bears, and bamboo for the panda to nibble. It’s a fun lesson in ecology and habitat management that improves on the fool’s errand of keeping an excitable child organized when leaving the house. Button the SnooZzoo’s paws together when it’s time to embark, and the intrepid kiddo’s spirit animal rides piggyback.

When not accompanying its human playmate on far-off adventures, your SnooZzoo can sit upright as an inviting snuggling nook for reading or just take a nap. All six animals come in two sizes suited to children up to 60 inches tall (about five feet) and arrive with a personalized name tag and fascinating educational story cards providing fascinating information about each species.

One more thing: giving your child a SnooZzoo does a kindness beyond encouraging a young curiosity about the natural world. As proud supporters of the Zoological Association of America (ZAA), the makers of SnooZzoo have pledged a portion of sales to the organization’s initiatives supporting the responsible ownership, management, and conservation of animals in zoos worldwide.
















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