S’Mores Oreos Could Be the Next Great Unique Flavor

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text bordered=””]If you’ve been to the food store recently, you’ll noticed there are crazy things afoot coming out of the Oreo factory. Unique Oreo flavors are becoming something of a regular experiment on our tastebuds. Oreo recently announced the Red Velvet Oreo which presumably would taste the same as red velvet cake but we’re not about to try.

It’s Official. S’Mores Oreos Have Been Photographed In The Wild

S'mores Oreos

Now though there’s another new flavored Oreo and this time it’s apparently S’mores. Currently these weird new Oreos are currently going through a sampling phase which means there are focus groups out there giving feedback (it’s a very important job) but photos of the packet confirm it is definitely a real thing or a great April fools prank.

A spokesperson from Oreo has neither confirmed or denied these will actually exist. By looking at the packaging, it would appear they are graham cracker-flavored cookies with the middle cream layers of chocolate and marshmallow. If the S’mores Oreos follow the same schedule as the aforementioned Red Velvet flavor then we can expect to see them land on shelves within the next several months.

Source – Instagram / The Verge[/vc_column_text]

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